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Katie November 18, 2008 13:52

Internal Flow BCs for Compressible inlet flow

I'm having issues modeling subsonic flow through a serpentine diffuser within fluent. I am currently using a pressure inlet and pressure outlet condition. The pressure inlet specifies a total gage pressure corresponding to the freestream Mach number (0.8) I'm interested in. The pressure outlet is set at a gage pressure of 0. The computational domain extends past the exit plane so that the BC does not interfere with the solution. The issue I'm having is that as the solver iterates, the Mach number increases at the entrance to supersonic flow (approximately Mach 1.36).

I've tried to extend the domain even further at the exit however this did not help.

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!


John S. November 18, 2008 16:14

Re: Internal Flow BCs for Compressible inlet flow
Try starting the run using a less aggressive inlet condition and ramp it up as the solution progresses.

syavash March 3, 2012 18:35

Hi katie,
I am interested in your problem because I've got a similar one.
Could you finally find a solution for resolving the Unexpected mach increasing at the inlet?

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