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Vivek Sahu November 19, 2008 11:32

modeling thermoelectric cooler
Hello All,

I am trying to model thermoelectric cooler (TEC) inside a fluidic channel. One side of the thermoelectric is facing fluid and the other side is attached to the heat sink. Heat removed from TEC is given by the following equation

Q= S*I*T_c - 0.5 * I^2*Re - (T_h-T_c)/R_th Where S= Seebeck coefficient, I=current, Re=electrical resistance, T_c=cold side temperature, T_h=hot side temperature, R_th=thermal resistance I have written Define_Heat_flux UDF and hooked it after compilation. But Fluent was not showing this macro in the boundary condition panel? But if I interpret the code, then is shows up in the boundary condition panel but I get the following error during initialization:

Error: FLUENT received fatal signal (ACCESS_VIOLATION) 1. Note exact events leading to error. 2. Save case/data under new name. 3. Exit program and restart to continue. 4. Report error to your distributor. Error Object: ()

I am also attaching the UDF file

#include "udf.h"

/* calculates heat flux at the cold side of the SLC*/

DEFINE_HEAT_FLUX(Cooling, f,t,c0, t0, cid, cir)


real alpha = 1e-4; /*Seebeck coefficient*/

real I = 0.5; /*current*/

real resistivity = 0.001; /*resistivity*/

real conductivity = 6.7; /*conductivity*/

real height = 5e-6; /*Height of Thermoelectric cooler*/

real len = 1e-4; /*length of Thermoelectric cooler*/

real width = 1e-4; /*Width of Thermoelectric cooler*/

real chi = 0.5; /*portion of heat flowing back to cold side*/

real area =len * width; /*area of the SLC(=length * width) */

real Re = resistivity*height/area ; /*resistance of the SLC layer*/

cid[0]= - chi*I*I*Re/area ;

cid[2]=-alpha*I/area ;


Please advise me how can I model this. Thanks


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