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John H November 19, 2008 11:56

Pulsatile blood flow
Does anybody have any experience of modelling pulsatile blood flow in Fluent? I have been told I need to use UDFs, but somebody also explained that I can use a time-step technique - can anybody suggest a tutorial on this subject?

I have already looked at this tutorial for UDFs, but I'm not confident I can alter it for my application: "Transient velocity inlet profile for flow in a tube"

Also, this is the only tutorial I have found with more details on time-dependent flow, but it also uses a UDF, which I am trying to avoid: "Modeling unsteady compressible flow"

Many thanks for your help

rgorder November 20, 2008 14:04

Re: Pulsatile blood flow
I am also trying to model blood flow with fluent. That UDF tutorial you have linked is what we are going to be using, (with some modification). What is your application?

John H November 21, 2008 13:12

Re: Pulsatile blood flow
My application is wall shear stress in cerebral aneurysms. It's important that I can model pulsatile flow somehow. What's your application?

rgorder November 21, 2008 15:00

Re: Pulsatile blood flow
Wall Stress and flow characterization in the carotid arteries. Right now I am focusing on finalizing my grid generation. A colleague of mine has gotten the UDF's working for pulsatile flow and is currently checking Fluent with the Wormesly solution. We might be able to help you out.

Where are you doing your research?

I am currently a Master's Student at the University of Washington.

John H November 21, 2008 17:28

Re: Pulsatile blood flow
Thanks, that would be really helpful - I'm studying mechanical engineering at Brunel University West London. I'm still a beginner with Fluent, and I'm not familiar with UDFs at all - is it possible to use the time-step approach instead?

Rohini March 29, 2010 14:19

Hi rgorder,

I am studying the hemodynamics of cerebral vasculature too . I am also facing the problem of generation of a UDF for a womersley velocity profile.I was wondering whether you have figured it by now?

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