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tahereh November 22, 2008 04:34

udf compile in parallel system
hi all friends I have a big problem in compiling my udf in parallel system. MY project is with dynamic mesh and i have to use DEFINE-CG-MOTION. in serial systems at first I compile the udf from:(user-define function compile) then I build the udf and at last I run nmake in visual c++ and load the udf so in this way i don't have any problem. but in parallel system when i do these the udf wouldn't be loaded. please help me to overcome this problem. thanks so much.

MaxG December 9, 2008 10:48

Re: udf compile in parallel system
I have the same problem: trying to compile a UDF that so far has worked correctly in serial mode (on SUN workstation), I cannot get the UDF to compile on parallel Fluent (lnx86_glibc22 architecture). By doing the compilation steps manually (TUI), i get an error in the makelog file that says that the default flags for cc compiler are not recognized; by manually resetting cc flags, i get error messages in the FLuent header files (threads.h, etc.).

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