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fadhil majnis November 24, 2008 09:44

mass diffusivity in FLUENT
Hello, I need to determine the mass diffusivity in FLUENT. Can I get the diffusivity value directly in FLUENT or I need to write down UDF in order to get the diffusivity value?


shoushibo November 24, 2008 11:30

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
mass diffusivity in fluent is determined in material panel. or you will get the value in display>countors> Lam Diff Coef of species-n (in the Species... category)

fadhil majnis November 24, 2008 23:53

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
hye, thanks to Shoushibo. I cannot find the Lam Diff Coef of species-n in the display window. I need to define something or what? I need to enable any model in define model?

shoushibo November 25, 2008 12:00

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
do you activate the species model? if no ,you need. do you want to simulate a species transport in the mixture? in the material panel , there is a item about mass diffusivity. you may check it. good luck.

fadhil majnis November 25, 2008 21:32

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
thanks shoushibo. Actually Im simulate a species transport for mixture in the Eulerian model. Im already found the mass diffusivity item in the material panel. What I want now is the mass diffusivity after certain time step of simulation. How can I get the mass diffusivity value for that?

shoushibo November 26, 2008 10:12

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
it should be in the display/countor/species/lam diff of species n

fadhil November 28, 2008 12:09

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
hi Shoushibo, I still cannot find the lam diff of species n as what you said. Im using Fluent 6.3. In the species model, I enable the species transport also the options diffusion energy sorce and full multicomponent diffusion. Is that I missing something in define the species and transport model? Thanks.

shoushibo December 2, 2008 09:57

Re: mass diffusivity in FLUENT
you can try to disable the full multicomponent,and see the results. i solve the binary diffusion in the speices model.

nishith April 15, 2010 06:15

hi me too facing the same problem...... i am defining two phases. where i want to include mass diffusivity... but i am not getting how to find out this mass diffusivity panel.... every where it is written ...that it is in the materials panel..... but i could not found ..... please throw some light....

yc9316 November 5, 2010 10:33

just as the way given by shoushibo, display/countor/species(not properties)/lam diff of species n is the way to display laminer mass diffusive, my fluent version is Ansys 12. Refer to mass diffusive in materials panel, it is in mixture(material type) only. good luck.

moulish January 29, 2017 02:59

Hai Iam also facing the similar problem but I want to know the fluent computed value after 1000 iterations, not how to specifiy at inlet

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