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erkan November 28, 2008 11:46

problem on dynamic mesh zone
Hi! I am simulating flapping wing motion with dynamic mesh model that uses remeshing and smoothing. But in the first iterations i got negative volume.It seems that i got problem in zone defining.

I got a square domain and a circular fine mesh around airfoil. Fluent divided the total grid in three parts:

1- the circle itself 2- the area btw circle and square 3- the area btw airfoil and circle.

I planned to make the circular grid, airfoil and the circle as rigid body and the outer grid -the area btw square and circle- as deforming but that is not working.

Any idea would be appreciated.


erkan November 29, 2008 13:04

Re: problem on dynamic mesh zone
the problem was about the UDF in which i did not mention the scale factor in the velocity formula.

Morteza Miansari January 8, 2009 17:01

Re: problem on dynamic mesh zone
Dear Erkan

Have you found your answer?

Best regards

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