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Benjamin Behey November 29, 2008 06:08

DPM or VOF model?

I'm a graduate student working on the design of the injector of an hybrid rocket motor. A hybrid rocket propulsion system comprises propellants of two different states of matter, the configuration being a rocket engine composed of a solid propellant lining a combustion chamber into which a liquid propellant is injected so as to undergo a strong exothermic reaction to produce hot gas that is emitted through a De Laval nozzle for propulsive purposes.

I want to model the vaporization of the liquid phase injected (liquid N2O) in the combustion chamber to see where there is only gaseous N20. This can be useful to optimize the motor.

Which modeling method is proper to simulate that conditions? DPM or VOF? and can we do that in 2d or 3d or both?

Thanks for your concern.

Benjamin Behey December 2, 2008 16:37

Re: DPM or VOF model?
nobody? Any idea?

CDE December 2, 2008 19:37

Re: DPM or VOF model?
You can use the DPM and species transport model to model this. Setup DPM as liquid droplets with an evaporating species to the gas phase.

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