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Jim December 1, 2008 11:48

Left Handedness after Y+ Adaptation
Hello forum users,

I'm getting some left handed faces after adapting the y+ value of the surface of my model. Because I use LES, I set up a y+ adaptation of maximum 1. When I carry out a grid check, it fails because if those 38 left-handed faces.

in the grid check, this message comes up also:

Warning: The mesh contains very high aspect ratio hexahedral or polyhedral cells. The default algorithm used to compute the wall distance required by the turbulence models might produce wrong results in these cells. Please inspect the wall distance by displaying the contours of the 'Cell Wall Distance' at the boundaries. If you observe any irregularities we recommend the use of an alternative algorithm to correct the wall distance. Please select /solve/initialize/repair-wall-distance using the text user interface to switch to the alternative algorithm.

Any advice or thoughts on this are welcome.


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