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Tolis December 2, 2008 06:59

S2S radiation - view factor file error
Hi there, I want to use the s2s radiation model in a simple 2D geometry, a 2d segment of a square duct (fluid flowing inside a hot-wall square duct). While trying to write the view factor file I get the following:


"The number of radiating faces and radiating clusters are : 17441, 17441 Done.

opening file C:\Documents

writing file Settings\user\radiation.s2s.gz

using 1 processor(s)

FATAL ERROR: Cannot open parameter file C:\Documents Provide full path to I/O file C:\Documents command to execute: "C:\Utils\Fluent.Inc\utility\viewfac2.2\ntx86\vfs2 21.exe" C:\Documents and Settings\user\radiation.s2s.gz The system cannot find the path specified. Reading "| gunzip -c \"C:\Documents and Settings\user\radiation.s2s.gz\""... You must read in a view factors file or disable S2S model before proceeding.

Error: Failed while reading view factor file.

Error Object: ()

Error: Error reading "| gunzip -c \"C:\Documents and Settings\user\radiation.s2s.gz\"". Error Object: #f"


The same error occurs even if I don't compress the file (.gz extension). I get the same error even in 3D geometry. Any possible solution?

Thanks in advance.

avi May 12, 2009 06:17

probably white-space in the specification of file name is an issue.

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