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sri December 3, 2008 10:41

solution initialization

when initializing the solution, what are the differences if we select all zone & if we select a particular zone for example solid inlet or air inlet. which is the correct approach? thank you.

Uday December 4, 2008 01:20

Re: solution initialization
Hi Sri,

Intialization is nothing but storing a particular value in all the cells before starting the solution in other words in case of f.v.m. in fluent the value is stored in the cell centriod. the solution can start from zero however can take long time to converge so to reduce it we ask the solver to start from certain value and that is nothing but intialization and then its is always the best way to intialization with ref. to your b.c., Now in many case depending on the physics of the case you can either intialise from all b.c. zones or a particular zone. Rather the best pratice i follow is to intialize from all zones so it gives good stabilization to the solution and can converge at a considerable time...

Uday regards

hhh August 18, 2012 14:00

Initialization doubt
Dear friends,
i am doing steady analysis for my 3D wing model,with velocity is 5m/s. For that i give my

Boundary condition ie
velocity inlet
1. velocity specification method---->magnitude,normal to boundary
2. reference frame---->absolute
3.velocity magnitude----> 5m/s

After this, i go for initialization in that i select,
Compute from------>velocity inlet
Initial values
gauge pressure(pascal)----->o
x velocity-------> - 5m/s
y velocity-------->0
z velocity---------0

here my doubt is i give velocity is +5m/s in velocity inlet in boundary condition, but i got -5m/s after compute from velocity inlet, what that negative sign indicates? please help me

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