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jaime December 3, 2008 22:57

program sloshing in fluent
I am trying to generate a sloshing in a tank working in fluent, but I do not know to program in C, and I'm new in the use of fluent. I have read about C, and the UDF manual, but my ideas are not clear on this. For this reason, asked some friends if you have the code from C, is required to perform a movement of the tank and generate sloshing.

Please infinitely if I can help with this problem.

if more details are needed about the problem please ask

thanks to all

zongtwi December 4, 2008 01:56

Re: program sloshing in fluent
Sloshing is due to motion, and thus you need to first know how to define the motion in FLUENT.

There are many ways depending to specify motion. If it is simple enough, like acceleration in a particular direction, you can just add the acceleration value in the direction that you want in the operating condition panel. If your motion is in fact complicated, then yes you do need to create UDFs to define this.

Tip: for UDFs to specify motion, you may want to refer to the UDF manual in the FLUENT documentation and look under Dynamic Mesh UDFs.

hope that helps.

Luca December 4, 2008 13:48

Re: program sloshing in fluent
Hi, if you want to simulate the sloshing in a tank, you have to use the "source terms" (under your fluid entity boundary condition). In that way, you can pass the accelerations to the solver as apparent forces. The model is not moving, but the effect on the fluid is the same, and the results are very good..... but this is not the end of the story. Also the solution is critical.

Good luck

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