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Jaggu December 4, 2008 10:59

Total and Static Pressure drop
Hi Could any body tell me.Is there any scenario where total pressure drop will be less than the static pressure drop.? Generally which Pressure drop will be used to design the system?where shall i get the complete information on static and total pressure drop?if any body has link or e paper please pass to me

Thanks in advance

mAx December 4, 2008 16:04

Re: Total and Static Pressure drop
Ptot = Pstatic + Pdynamic

with Pdynamic = 0.5*rho*U^2 >0

How could be the total pressure drop less than the static?

From the mathematical side, it isn't possible

krish December 9, 2008 06:27

Re: Total and Static Pressure drop
Hi...Lets arrive at the answer like this,

Total pressure drop = Static pressure drop + Dynamic pressure drop.

Total pr drop will be less than stat pr drop provided the dynamic pr drop is negative. That means the the velocity of the fluid is increasing therefore dynamic pressure drop increases than that of static pressure drop. when there are many recirculations in the fluid domain, total pressured drop will be more than that of static pressure drop.

I guess what i analysed is right..Let me know if u have any other queries on this issue

krish December 9, 2008 07:03

Re: Total and Static Pressure drop
Hi, I apologize for the wrong response which i gave recently. Here is the exact and correct explaination for the question you have asked. Total pr = st. pressure + dynamic pressure but total pr drop caanot be equal to st pr drop + dynamic pr. drop.

Dynamic pressure is the pressure which you can measure only at a point. Generally we cannot infer any thing by analysing the total pr drops and static pr drops. By looking at the total pr contours we can infer where there are recirculations etc. okay....

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