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Matthias December 5, 2008 00:33

coloured grid lines instead of contours

I have a simple question, but I really can't find the answer. When I want to display the contours of any interior region in my case, I can only see the actual GRID, the grid lines having the color of the property I want to examine. But I want to see the contour lines, not the grid lines. This is not about having the option "display grid" turned on, because it is not.. I am using version 6.2.26. Can that be a common bug of that version? I didn't find anything on google. I hope you understand what I mean, don't know if I can put a picture here for better understanding..

Thanks for any tips, suggestions, hints!


zongtwi December 5, 2008 03:20

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
Is it a 2D case that you are looking at?

Matthias December 5, 2008 03:26

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
yes, it is 2d

zongtwi December 5, 2008 04:11

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
As I suspected.

That usually happens if you choose a surface in the 'surface' area of the display form. Don't choose any surfaces, check the 'filled' option, and click display.

Why it's like that? I have no idea.

Hope that helps.

mange December 5, 2008 05:53

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
zongtwi is right, sometimes you have to mark a surface and then unmark and mark the filled option and then remove the surface again to get a filled display.

it all seems so random!

luckily it only happens in 2D cases

Matthias December 7, 2008 19:14

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
Thanks for your help guys! It works the way you said if I want to see the whole domain. But, unfortunately, if I only want to see the contours of one specific zone/surface it is still not possible, because as soon as I unmark the surface I get the (now correctly drawn, that is an improvement!) contours of the whole geometry again, not only the surface I wanted to show. Any other suggestions?

mange December 9, 2008 09:41

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
i did not try it, but maybe you can get some succes if you visualize all your zones and then manipulate them in the /display/scene settings. There you can set visibility of items such as edges, lines, faces for everything on the display. This works well for 3D cases at least.

Good luck!

Matthias December 10, 2008 20:05

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
Hi, thanks for that advise. I played around in the scene settings, thought I could turn on "overlay" and then plot the grid in black over the parts I don't need. But the faces are not plotted either. Well, nothing worked (you cannot turn on/off certain zones for one contour plot in those settings). So I found the workaround by just deleting the zones I don't want to visualize (grid/zone/delete...), take my picture and then just reload my original data and case after that. A bit of a bugger, but at least it works for me now. Thanks a lot again

Matthias December 10, 2008 20:09

Re: coloured grid lines instead of contours
Oh, I just found out that it is enough to just deactivate and then activate the zones again. Just in case someone else has that problem one day...


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