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JP December 5, 2008 10:45

Surface in the middle of volume?
Hello All,

perhaps someone could help here: I have an air-filled volume V. In the middle of V there is a surface sheet S (single face). Is it possible to mesh V and define S as a "wall" in GAMBIT and export this mesh to FLUENT?

My problem here is that S is not really a "wall" of the volume V. It hangs freely in V and doesn't touch the walls of V. How is the mesh of V going to refer to the surface S? I have no answer here.

Any ideas?...

Luca December 5, 2008 11:42

Re: Surface in the middle of volume?
You can divide the volume in 2 sub-volumes, adding a face (or more than one, depending on the geometry). The added face(s) wil be defined as INTERIOR, while the one you mentioned will be defined as WALL. At this point, you have to define a fluid domain that includes the two volumes. The mesh on the face defined as WALL, is duplicated in fluent, that creates a "shadow" face. There is nothing more to do, your job is done.


JP December 5, 2008 12:52

Re: Surface in the middle of volume?
If I understand you correctly - my surface S has to be the boundary wall between two fluid volumes, correct?

Luca December 5, 2008 13:25

Re: Surface in the middle of volume?
Yes, the volumes are separated by different surfaces, some defined as INTERIOR and one as WALL.

JP December 5, 2008 13:48

Re: Surface in the middle of volume?
That is the problem, though. What you sugest - I have done it before and it works. But you need 2 well-defined volumes. Now my surface S is a corkscrew surface and can't separate a volume in two.

So if there is another trick possibly... Many thanks for your replies so far

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