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Wendy Tjan December 7, 2008 22:15

Cannot mesh volume
Hi, can someone help me please. I am currently on a project to model a bio reactor. Basically I have a L pipeline channeling the inlet to the vessel, and have 2 pipes to reject whatever effluent. I have split the volume of the reactor with the inlet pipelines, and try to mesh the volume of the reactor. and Gambit shows an error, "volume could not be meshed without face succesfully meshed" and "Meshing volume aborted due to poor face mesh quality". Does this means that I have to mesh the face before I mesh the volume. If so, which face I have to mesh.

Can anybody tell me what is difference between merge and unite? Thank you.

Wendy Tjan

mahi December 8, 2008 06:44

Re: Cannot mesh volume
If nothing works, you can opt for a tet mesh. Or else you can split the volume into many parts and mesh individually.

mAx December 9, 2008 01:36

Re: Cannot mesh volume
This error message says that you have a small edge or something like that which generates a poor surface mesh. The volume mesh will crash becaus of the poor surface mesh. Try to examine the surface mesh (2d), and observe where is the worse cells.

mahi December 9, 2008 23:57

Re: Cannot mesh volume
It could be that you have some unmeshed face. If that is the case, while doing a volume mesh, gambit tried to mesh the face with the interval size/count that you have specified for the volume mesh. This leads to a conflict.

Wifi Lee December 11, 2008 07:03

Re: Cannot mesh volume
I can mesh for you

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