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fluent_user December 8, 2008 18:12

cyclone simulation

i am simulating a lapple cyclone. has anyne simulated such a similar cyclone with RNG turbulence model ? i need the interaction of the solids with the gas phase, is it possible in simulation ? what is the BC i need to set ?


Neil December 9, 2008 10:09

Re: cyclone simulation
The K-e RNG model is insufficient for this problem you need to use the RSM model. Set overflow to pressure outlet, inlet to pressure inlet or velocity inlet and underflow to wall. Simulate gas flow first then add in discrete phase particle injection after trying a Rossin-Rammler distribution. There are alot of papers simulating gas cyclones so further information is not hard to find. Check out the Fluent applications QNET cyclone paper for best practice and also the work of Hoekstra, Derksen and Van Den Akker

fluent_user December 9, 2008 10:44

Re: cyclone simulation
dear sir, thanks for your reply. can u kindly mail me the mentioned Fluent applications QNET cyclone paper & the paper of Hoekstra, Derksen and van den Akker ? it would be helpful. i didnt understand clearly the meaning of ovrflow and underflow here. normally, i am giving my inlet as velocity inlet, but for the 2 outlets (gas outlet and solids outlet) i am unable to select the correct BC. as my cyclone is a part of the dual cyclone system (means the solids outlet at the bottom of the primary is the inlet of the secondary cyclone) what type of outlet should i give ? atmosperic outlet or lesser than that ?

thanking you best regards.

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