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MW December 10, 2008 10:03

Tecplot: Velocity Magnitude/nonspecified variables

I'm wondering if anyone can help. I've been having problems trying to display velocity magnitude within tecplot. As I understand it, when you import a fluent file, Velocity magnitude isn't specified. From what I've read you create a new variable from data, open Data/Alter/Specify Equations. I then define the equation of the new variable in function of the others.

For instance, I define the Velocity Magnitude (V26), in function of X- Y- and Z-Velocity (V1, V2, V3) as:


The problem I'm having is, I don't know how to create a new variable for velocity magnitude! Also, I do not know where to get the actual variable name of the X,Y,Z velocitys. I tried getting this info from "data set info" menu. I tried the variable names in there. It didn't work. It came up with some kind of error I'm using tecplot 360. So, what I'd like to know is,

1) How do I create a new variable. Do they automatically get generated when I specify any name or do I have to define a name before I specify an equation?

2) How do I find the name of current variables, so I can use in equations.

Anastasios December 19, 2008 04:33

Re: Tecplot: Velocity Magnitude/nonspecified varia
Go to "Analyse-Calculate Variables" and select the Velocity Magnitude variable from the list then press "calculate" and OK.

Afterwards re-open the contours dialog and velocity magnitude should be at the end of the list.

At least this is the proceedure for Tecplot 360.

MW January 8, 2009 08:12

Re: Tecplot: Velocity Magnitude/nonspecified varia
Thank you! This was driving me mad.

Anastasios Georgoulas January 8, 2009 08:51

Re: Tecplot: Velocity Magnitude/nonspecified varia

Best luck

psc3 November 15, 2010 13:26

It helped me too, thanks!

songxp03 November 16, 2010 04:53

It's very EZ, u can find current variables in Data Set Information Dialog within Data menu, in form V1,V2...Vn. If U don't want 2 name a new variable( for example: velocity magnitude), U should write in form of {Variable name}.
I havn't got right result by methord of Analyse-Calculate Variables, I don't know why.
For instance {Vm}=sqrt(v5*v5+v7*v7+v9*v9) Yours sincerely

ravisalgar November 22, 2011 11:12

Regarding Tecplot issue on Velocity magnitude
thanks a lot it worked out for me to...

jigneshrohit99 April 29, 2016 01:13

how to write m^2 (m square) in tecplot

LuckyTran April 29, 2016 17:02


Originally Posted by jigneshrohit99 (Post 597231)
how to write m^2 (m square) in tecplot


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