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sk December 11, 2008 14:16

Floating point error - help
Hi all,

I am using udf for Boundary conditions and also for calculating source terms. I compile my udf.

In the beginning of my simulations I get this floating piont error.

When I try to read few help mostly suggest to use coarse mesh or different initialisation. I have tried both but at some point of time it comes to same error.

One of my friend suggested me (1) define a regino for source. Can someone tell me how to do that.

(2) i am using C_VOF in my udf. There was also a chance of overflow of values. How to change it wen I am running my simulations. Any pointers and guidance will be veryhelpful.

Thanks. sk.

andrew clarke December 17, 2008 11:31

Re: Floating point error - help
Did you try using a double precision (dP) solving instead of normal solving as seen when you start up fluent? The error may be caused by loss of data (not enough decimel places in single precision solver) that could be reduced by using doubles as seen in the double precision solver.

Hope this helps in some way.


sk December 17, 2008 11:32

Re: Floating point error - help
I am using double precision already .. Thanks for your suggestion.

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