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Amir December 15, 2008 09:44

how to define rotating scheme
Hi, I'm simulating a rotation of a wind driven turbine ventilator which contains two main parts. one is a rotating part consist of some vertical blades and a dome, second part is a stationary cylinder which the rotating part is placed on it. these two parts are attached to each other.

my first question is; in which range the Y+ should be for the Reynolds Number around 1000000?

my second question is; which method is appropriate for this case? Moving Reference Frame, Sliding Mesh or Moving Mesh?

I appreciate any help.


Anastasios December 19, 2008 04:05

Re: how to define rotating scheme
I think it is easier if you set the flow field and the cylinder rotating and leave the blades stationary. This is the same as the case that the blades rotating and all the other part remain stationary.

Hence, you should use moving reference frame (rotating) for the flowfield and the cylinder from fluent.

I hope this is clear.

best luck


Amir December 19, 2008 09:52

Re: how to define rotating scheme
I put the blades inside two cylinders to be able to generate proper mesh. The inner cylinder has a diameter same as turbine base. should I rotate these two cylinder which I split already separately, or I must specify them as one flow region?

when I Choose these two cylinder as one flow region the inner cylinder face acts not like an interior.



Anastasios December 21, 2008 13:18

Re: how to define rotating scheme
Can you please give me a schematic of your geometry in order to better understand your problem?


Amir December 22, 2008 17:16

Re: how to define rotating scheme

Thank you so much

can you give me your e-mail address then I'll be able to send you the related data and schematic of the geometry?

Best regards. Amir

Anastasios December 22, 2008 17:32

Re: how to define rotating scheme
dear Amir,

My mail address is the following,

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