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Prasad December 22, 2008 13:32

Pressure Inlet BC
Hi everyone,

I'm trying to simulate the flow around a building. I'm not simulating the entire height of the building, but only a portion in the middle.

I'm using the velocity inlet & pressure outlet BC's for the sides of the domain, and pressure inlet BC for the top and the bottom. I've set the static pressure to be equal to zero (free stream condition) for the pressure outlet. Therefore, I set the total pressure for the pressure inlet to be equal to the dynamic pressure based on the incoming flow velocity.

However, I'm having trouble with the convergence. Also, the static pressure along the velocity inlet is not equal to zero, even though freestream conditions are present there. I'm not sure if I'm specifying something incorrectly.

Thanks in advance, Prasad

mohamad December 23, 2008 09:34

Re: Pressure Inlet BC *NM*

Milind Khedkar December 29, 2008 03:18

Re: Pressure Inlet BC
Hi! I think this is 2D problem. Simulate in 2D only the cross section of the building and give Vin and Pout BCs. Lets try and hope your problem will get sorted out.


Prasad January 4, 2009 23:55

Re: Pressure Inlet BC
Hi Milind,

I'm trying to simulate the flow around a building with a velocity variation in the vertical direction (atmospheric boundary layer profile). Therefore, I need to run a 3-D simulation. Hope this helps. Thanks in advance,


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