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Shayej December 23, 2008 21:17

UDF for heat source

i am a beginner for fluent, i need to assign a constant heat source in a specific place. its an axisymmetric problem.

its like a rectangle box (.7x.4) m dimension and i need to assign constant heat source about .1m from bottom.

please if some one help me. thank you

Shayej December 23, 2008 23:08

Re: UDF for heat source
sorry cylindrical tube! not rectangular box.

Allan Walsh December 24, 2008 14:32

Re: UDF for heat source
If you are not familiar with UDFs, why not just set the region as a separate volume (it can be thin) and then just use the GUI to specify a constant source?

shayej January 5, 2009 05:28

Re: UDF for heat source

when i tried to create volume it shows an error:

cannot create ACIS body. Is this an open shell?

what can i do plz advice. its a 2d problem so i don't have few faeces to stitch together.

Thank you for your time.

Allan Walsh January 5, 2009 13:22

Re: UDF for heat source
Ok, in 2-D make, your region for the heat source to be a separate face and apply a heat source in that region.

djillali January 26, 2009 13:03

Re: UDF for specific heat cp
please, somebody who helps me to make a udf for the specific heat CP for fluent.

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