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sashankh December 26, 2008 13:29

CFD of Aircraft Wing

I have done the analysis of a 3D wing geometry in fluent. I need to see the downwash created by the air flow. can someone pls tell me how i can see this? also is it possible to see a video of the flow over the entire wing?


zongtwi December 30, 2008 02:21

Re: CFD of Aircraft Wing
I think you're better off not using FLUENT Post-processing capabilities. Try using other programmes such as EnSight. FLUENT post-processing capabilities is not good to say the least.

Hope that helps.

Anastasios December 30, 2008 04:45

Re: CFD of Aircraft Wing
i would better suggest to use tecplot 360 for post-procwssing. You can see videos and many other thinks much easier than ensight!

Sashankh January 3, 2009 02:38

Re: CFD of Aircraft Wing

sorry for the delay.

thanks a lot for the tips on postprocessing!

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