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Ashok kumar January 1, 2009 08:59

Temperature Rise
I've a case where I need to see the rise in temperature of solid inside a oil pipe line for different time step. Initial temperature of solid is 360 K whereas for oil is 423K.

My problem is I can see the drastic rise in temperature of the solid only for the I time step and in the later time steps the temperature doesnt change much.

According to thermal equilibrium, at one stage the temperature of the solid should match with the oil. Even If I go to very larger time step (20 mins) the temperature of the solid is not changing beyond a limit. According to experimental data, the solid reaches the oil temperature in 3 mins.

requesting support ...


Uday January 2, 2009 21:26

Re: Temperature Rise


I would suggest you to do some checks

1)The Density, Thermal conductivity and cp value for the solid is correct

2)Are the pipe walls adiabatic if so might change the results.In case your solid is in direct contact with pipe wall.In real life scenario the pipe which is having a hot flow will experience a convective heat transfer on outer surface as well as inner surface (If not insulated).

3)And may be if all the things are well incorported in the case according to the physics, then it would be the time step which can be play a significant role.

Hope so i have tried to guess your problem.


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