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Nikhil Dani January 1, 2009 12:58

DPM - do the particles affect the liquid?
Hello folks,

I am using Discrete Particle Modeling (DPM). I know that DPM assumes the particles as point masses, with the diameter and the density used only to calculate parameters like the Body Force, and have no physical significance.

Since the particle diameter is used for evaluating the body force, which in turn governs the motion of the particles in a fluid medium, it means that the DPM certainly looks at the fluid interacting with the particles.

However, my question is, does DPM account for the effect that the particles have on the fluid? Do these particles transfer any momentum back to the fluid? Or is DPM formulated on the assumption that the particles are too small to cause any significant change to the fluid flow pattern.

Thanks, Nikhil

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