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Parag Gadgil January 2, 2009 02:06

Initialization problem

I am simulating an air intake system with two inlets with Fluent. The problem is that the intake system has two separate inlets which are completely disconnected from each other.

Please let me know,how can such a simulation be initialized using Fluent.

Regards, Parag

sushil January 2, 2009 04:02

Re: Initialization problem
You mean to say there are two distinct domain..?

Uday January 2, 2009 21:43

Re: Initialization problem


As sushil says if you have to distinct domains you can intialize form one inlet both domains and then the other domain you can patch intialize to some value closer to your other inlet b.c.


in second secnario if its a single domain you can intialize with all zones ref. which would be the best case in above 1 st secnario even you can do the same however the intialization is nothing but a value in each cell by which the simulation should start. Closer you are to the real values faster will be you convergence.The case can run with zero values even but which may take long time to reach convergence and some peculiar physics case might have stability problem with zero intialization.

Uday regards

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