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Aditya January 3, 2009 16:45

Dynamic mesh modeling

I am trying to use Fluent for simulating flow in Axial piston pump. The mesh deforms as well as slides as the pistons reciprocate and the whole piston block rotates.

The problem is generation of negative volumes. I have hex/wedge meshes generated by cooper schemes in gambit. The grid passes the fluent and gambit checks.

I am using layering scheme for mesh updates. I also tried using very small time steps. The generation of negative volumes is near the moving boundary of the piston where the grid either collapses or stretches.

Can someone please offer any suggestions. ?

Thanks and Regards

wesam January 21, 2009 16:44

Re: Dynamic mesh modeling
hello.i am student in msc degree and my research about {vortex rate sensor}i measure the output defferential pressure with the rotating velocity of sensor{dgree per sec}and i want to bulit it by gambit and solve it by fluent .mu qustion if my work need to dynamic mesh or not? thanks

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