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Muhammad Qureshi January 4, 2009 07:47

stator/rotor interaction in Fluent

I am doing unsteady 2D & then 3D simulation of a single stage turbine.

What will be the difference between inviscid and turbulent simulations. i.e what flow features can i capture using these two options.

Many Thanks for kind help.

REJI January 5, 2009 00:30

Re: stator/rotor interaction in Fluent
HI MUHAMMAD QURESHI i am doing a two stage turbine in fluent.. i think the following link will help you ... ""

i am woking with different pitches(15, 7.5,10,8), ie for 2d (cascade) interface length is not equal.. i feel problems with interface,periodic conditions etc.. i goes through the sliding mesh tutorial(fluent tutoraials) ...Now i feel that interface length must be same.. for that i change my domain by using two first rotor blade..

do u have any Suggestions..

Muhammad Qureshi January 6, 2009 00:12

Re: stator/rotor interaction in Fluent
hi, i haven't tried unequal pitches using sliding mesh model. The Fluent help people have advised me that equal periodic condition in 3D should also apply in 2D case as well.

hope this helps.

if you need any more help let me know.

REJI January 8, 2009 01:20

Re: stator/rotor interaction in Fluent

I change my approch to mixing plane model ..seems to be a valid result

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