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Julian K. January 5, 2009 11:24

Definition of Plane pointer
Hallo and a happy new year,

for my UDF, which I am writing I need to have a description of the following definition of the Plane pointer:

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%

typedef struct plane_struct


real norm[3];

float pt[3];

real current_side;

real d; /* distance from origin */

char *sort_file_name;

FILE *sort_file;

struct plane_struct *next;

} Plane;

%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%%% %%%%%%%%%%

I got it from the dpm.h.

For instance, I suppose that the expression 'real norm[3]' defines the normal-vector of the plane the pointer is pointing at. However, I do not know the meaning of the other definitions.

Does somebody know better? Where can I look these definitions up?

My aim is to identify a plane which was hit by a particle.

Any information could help me.

Thanks for reading my problem,



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