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Travis January 5, 2009 14:25

v2f Turbulence Model (and others?)
Two questions:

1. Does anyone have any case studies that would help determine the accuracy of the v2f turbulence model for highly turbulent flows? I'm trying to decide on a turbulence model for a circulation-control wing.

2. What other turbulence models are built into FLUENT? I only found out about the v2f model recently and I'm wondering if there are others I don't know about.



selvag January 6, 2009 02:08

Re: v2f Turbulence Model (and others?)
some Low Reynolds Number (LRN) version of k-e models also available in fluent.

Travis January 6, 2009 15:55

Re: v2f Turbulence Model (and others?)
Any idea how to activate them? I know the command for the v2f model is (allow-v2f-model).

selvag January 7, 2009 00:25

Re: v2f Turbulence Model (and others?)
To enable LRN k-e. First choose the std k-e model and then type the following in the console window define/models/viscous/turbulence-expert/low-re ke yes

after this you will get the LRN k-e model in the viscous panel.

sri January 7, 2009 02:18

zero equation model

anybody know how to impliment the zero equation model. what is zero-equation-havac thanks in advance

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