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Cz January 5, 2009 22:17

Warning Msg
I create the following on my domain. body - size function of growth 1.1 and max size 20. Boundary layer is uniform with first row = 10. I meshed the links of the volume domain with spacing 50. then meshed the volume so it will create a mesh from dense to coarse. It all went well and a mesh volume is created.

However when I tried again by refining the parameters I recevied warnings like "some of the faces/edges of voulme domain w/o 3D boundary layer attachment are premeshed. These premeshed faces/edges will be remeshed using a mesh size function internally created from the cap of the 3D bondary layer"

"Mesh size avg from premeshed edge with boundary layer attachemnt is used as input interval mesh size for volume domain thus user defined size is ignored" this cause it to unable to mesh because of memory limitation and my user defined value is ovewrite.

what could have went wrong?? Thanks!!

Cz January 5, 2009 22:43

Re: Warning Msg
Hey.. sorry I gt another warning to add on when I attached a size function to the faces it prompt warning "size function has unmeshed source face face (), and thus us ignored". so is my size function attached or nt? thanks

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