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Vincent Ryan January 6, 2009 15:00

Gamit Export Error
I have created a model and i have meshed it. After that i have created Boundary for my model. After creating Boundary, i have exported it in .msh file format. while export it i am getting following error

Continuum or Boundary condition specified for entity edge 22 is invalid for Fluent 6

Please help me to solve this error to export it successfully. the meshed model is exported successfully. but the boundary model is not exported.

mAx January 6, 2009 15:21

Re: Gamit Export Error
what kind of BC did you set on edge22? (2d or 3d model?)

Vincent Ryan January 6, 2009 16:23

Re: Gamit Export Error
i did not set any BC. After Creating Mesh i have crated group by using the edges. after that i have specified the boundary types by selecting groups in the entity

mAx January 6, 2009 17:06

Re: Gamit Export Error
what kind of boundary types?

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