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Orrin January 7, 2009 12:02

WAVE & TAB breakup inconsistency
Hi all,

I'm having problems regarding the particle breakup from a single injector source..

I am using unsteady tracking of particles being injected into a continous main flow. Particle breakup and collision are enabled under either the TAB or Wave model (the problem occurs with both).

Now, when I begin to iterate the flow, the injected particles break up as expected when they contact the main continous flow. They continue down the pipe as particles of smaller diameter than they were injected. After X amount of iterations however, the particle breakup halts and any newly injected particles pass through the domain without breaking. Given enough iterations, the particle stream will cease to break up and all particles in the domain will be of the same diameter giving incorrect performance.

I cannot pinpoint what causes the injection particles to suddenly stop breaking up upon entry as there are no time varying BCs. Is there a computational limit to the breakup models, or is this likely to be something else?

Any assistance would be most appreciated!

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