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Justin January 7, 2009 19:33

Text Commands For Iso Surfaces
I need to create iso-surfaces in specific zones based on grid coordinates. I would normally do this under the gui, but my file is to big so I have to do it as a batch job. The manual gives me the following command: surface/iso-surface I don't know how structure the rest of the command to specify the zone and position.

If anyone can post a few lines of a journal file in which iso surfaces are created it would be amazingly helpful.

I need to do about 400 of these, so the plan is to generate the commands using Matlab.

max January 8, 2009 05:49

Re: Text Commands For Iso Surfaces
Hi Justin

the following text command will create an isosurface named x0 of constant x-coordinate 0 within a given fluid zone with zone id "ID". "ID" is an integer which you can get from the boundary condition panel.

surface iso-surface x-coordinate x0 () ID () 0 () q

cheers Max

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