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Vianney January 8, 2009 08:40

Meshing problems using Gambit

I try to mesh a model (3D). The model is an airfoil contained in a flow volume. I meshed the surfaces o the airfoil without any problems, now I try to mesh the volume (brick) containing the airfoil in order to analyse the results in fluent. I use the option "Mesh Volume", then I select the entire volume formed by the substraction of the brick volume and the airfoil volume.

It seems that the meshing function ignore the airfoil inside the brick, there isn't any link between the 3D meshing f the volume and the 2D meshing of the airfoil.

This is a print screen of the problem:

Regards, Vianney

qiaomei January 9, 2009 16:12

Re: Meshing problems using Gambit
when you meant link between 3d meshing and airfoil's 2d meshing, do you meant you want a structured mesh? you have some options:

1) using size functions, followed by tri/pave option for meshing

2) mesh the edges of the brick such each edge adjacent to each edge of airfoil have same number of interval counts

you can try googling "cornell fluent" for their tutorial on flow over airfoil.

hope the above is helpful :)

khairy January 9, 2009 16:37

Re: Meshing problems using Gambit

first regarding the tutorial of corenell university, here you are the link:

also i think your problem is due to very large mesh size which seems bigger than the airfoil.

also do not forget to change the solver to be FLUENT5/6 before setting the boundary conditions.

Good Luck


zongtwi January 10, 2009 11:23

Re: Meshing problems using Gambit
I do believe you need to substract the airfoil volume from the main volume in order for it to 'detect'. Create a volume for the airfoil, then use Boolean subtract, to 'imprint' the airfoil volume onto the main volume. The surface mesh on the airfoil will then be detected by the main volume.

Hope that helps.

sivarama1 May 30, 2009 03:45

2Dairfoil balde in gambit
Hi all,
I am having trouble meshing 2D boundary layers in Gambit. The geometry I am working with is the wind airfoil. I have flow inlet and outlet, and inlet/outlet is planar and roughly rectangular. The entire geometry is a sort of rectangular shaped outer airfoil. I can create but when I use the "View 2D Boundary Layer" tool in Gambit, my boundary layers will not even appear in the selection list and cannot be added by shift-left-clicking on them. Does anyone know why they cannot be added to the list?

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