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Jony January 8, 2009 19:21

Source term

Can some one write a UDF code. its very basic.

all i need to do is apply a fixed temperature of 1400K in an axisymmetric problem.

i have drawn it in 2d format.

please plseas Help me with it. Thank you for your help

Jony January 8, 2009 19:37

Re: Source term
picture of my model

zongtwi January 8, 2009 21:55

Re: Source term
If the temperature is fixed, can't you use the wall boundary condition and specify a fixed temp? or you can use the fixed values option in your region of interest.

Ankit January 17, 2009 18:44

Re: natural convection on wavy curve surface
Hi friends, I am doing simulation of natural convection on 2D wavy curve surface. Please please help me in clearly certain doubts: I am using realisable k-epsilon model 1)The Grash-off number is of 10^9 order ....... can i use turbulent model for this buoyancy convection 2)In define -operating condition - one unchecked block for operating density is there , I am using INCOMPRESSIBLE IDEAL GAS,do i need to check the operatind density box or leave it 3)1)the continuity equation in not converging (over 6000 iterations), which under relaxation factors I need to alter ,should I decrease or increase the under relaxation factors plz tell exactly or atleast their combinations. PLZ PLZ PLZ HELP.

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