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bohis January 13, 2009 13:40

droplet falling - VOF
Hi there, I have the following problem: I am simulating water droplet falling in the air and perpendicularly impacting on plane surface. The model is axisymmetric, the initial droplet velocity is zero, so only gravity and surface tension forces acts on droplet. If the droplet diameter is of 2mm, than there is no problem with simulation. Even different grids give similar results of a droplet velocity developing. On the other hand, if the droplet diameter is of 0.2mm, the droplet is falling, but there is significant velocity fluctuation (even negative values of velocity, which I expect not to be possible) For the finest mesh (0.0025mm), the droplet(0.2mm) keeps fluctuating around initial velocity condition (zero m/s) and seems to never fall down. Where could be the bug? I do not believe that it is connected to my very fine mesh. (I am using both CICSAM and HRIC vof discretization schemes) (local CFL always lowere than 0.5)

thanks for any help!!!

otsigun July 10, 2013 04:28


I am also working on similar Project on wetting Dynamics of an indium droplet. Can you send me your files, so that I can recommend something

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