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hsn January 13, 2009 15:21

Hi I had an analyze on an airfoil. Because I wanted to valid my CFD I first analyzed a same airfoil witch I had its experimental results. I want to know that because the model witch I have its experimental results was smaller(1/4) of the main airfoil, how can I make a relationship between the meshes of the tow airfoil? For example the size of the mesh on the airfoil, its height and so on. thanks.

Antimony January 14, 2009 01:37

Re: validating

Do you mean that your CFD results are larger than the experimental results? May I know what kind of mesh you are using - structured or unstructured? Are the size of the cell elements near the airfoil also big?



hsn January 14, 2009 03:32

Re: validating
let me explain it. consider you want to validate your resoults with having a same analyze on an airfoil witch is the same but smaller than your airfoil. and you undrestand that the results you gain are the same as the experimental results. so now that you want to analyze the main airfoil that is bigger than the one you used to validate your way of analyz, how can you make a relationship between them. for example consider that the hieght of the first mesh in the small airfoil, is 1mm. and you got good results of it. now how can you predict the hieght of the main airfoil first mesh? because the size of the tow airfoil are not the same. I just want to know how much it is important and how can I predict from the validating mesh, the form of main mesh. thanks for your attention.

Antimony January 16, 2009 04:01

Re: validating
You can use the same size of spacing from the previous case as a starting point for this, I guess. Then when you do your grid convergence, you can see if you want to increase or decrease the grid spacing in order to get accurate results.

Hope this helps.

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