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paolo January 21, 2009 06:30

2D Model or not?
Hi, I'm sorry for my very simple question... I need your help! I' ve to do a preliminary study about heat change in forced convection ..and I have few days?

I 'm modeling by GAMBIT_FLUENT a system that consists of: two vertical steel pipes (D=0.08m L=1000m)(iside the pipes happens a flow of hot gas); another pipe (D=0.2m L=1000m) contains the two pipes and is full of water;

The geometry and boundary conditions are symmetric .... I can use a 2D model (vertical section)? In this way I lose some informations?

I' m waiting for your suggestions! THANK YOU!

Daniel January 26, 2009 07:51

Re: 2D Model or not?
Doing s similar problem myself.

You want to use the axisymmetric solver. In order to use this, you must model half the pipe (from axis to edge) and set the axis boundary type in gambit.

Hope this is helps Dan

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