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amar January 21, 2009 08:18

conjugate heat transfer

I have two materials the first one is 0.5mm aluminum plate and on its top surface there is a 1mm frost. I have drawn the aluminum plate on the bottom of the computational domain and the frost on the top surface of the aluminum plate.

There is a heat transfer between the air which flow through the domain from left to right and the aluminum plate through the frost. My problem is how to define the two materials and how to make fluent to calculate the heat transfer between the pale and the air through the frost. also do I have to mesh the aluminum and frost volumes?

Note: the volume of aluminum plate is x=5,y=5,z=0.5

the volume of frost is x=5,y=5,z=0.5

the volume of the computational domain is x=10,y=5,z=5

I'm looking forward to your reply Yours Thanks a lot

Uday January 22, 2009 01:37

Re: conjugate heat transfer


There are two ways to model the plate

1)Without Thickness (In Fluent you can specify the thickness of the plate and depending on the material properties it will calculate the thermal resistance).

2)With thickness (create the thickness of the plate by atleast 3 layer of mesh to see the conduction preferably mesh it with hex or if not possible prisms)

For the frost you need to model the zone of that thickness with mesh.(You need to knw the Physical properties of the frost and then apply this material to the zone)

Is there any domain beneath the plate which you need to check because this condition may change the whole thermal behaviour of the model.

May I knw what is the aim behind this CFD Modelling.



ashwani kumar February 11, 2009 10:10

Re: conjugate heat transfer
ya u have to mesh all volumes. u have to define the interface between two solids as a wall, and interface between frost and air as a wall also. while u will export to fluent , fluent will couple the both interfaces it will create shadow, now specify the material. thats it

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