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Novice January 22, 2009 07:36

Simulating a static mixer in Fluent
Hello All,

I have posted this message 2 weeks back but noone replied to my post. Please help me in finding a solution for my problem.

I have to simulate the flow througha cylidrical pipe in which a static mixer is placed. My question is how to simulate the static mixer in fluent. Shall i have to take the original dimensions of the staticmixer or is there any way to assume a porous media with the properties of the static mixer???? If i can use a porus media, i can save lot of time in the preprocessing. Please put light on my problem.

Thanks in advance



Bak_Flow January 26, 2009 14:09

Re: Simulating a static mixer in Fluent
Hi Novice,

it depends a bit on what you want to know from your simulation. The porous media approach is averaging over the details of the mixer and as such means that you will have to add some relevant information. In the process you loose the information which is in the details of the flow over these surfaces.

So, to use the porous media approach you need some values for the pressure drop model......someting like C1 and C2

where delta_P/delta_X ~ C1/viscosity * Velocity + C2 * density * V^2

So do you know what C1 and C2 are?

What about the details of the effectiveness of mixing? I don't think the porous media approach is going to give you much useful info there.

The fluent user manual has some good advice on when the porous approach is applicable and how to use it. Have you read this?



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