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Ishan January 22, 2009 07:41

Modeling Herschel-Bulkey Model
Hi guys, I am trying to model Herschel-Bulkey Model in fluent. [Specifically Bingham Plastic whose shear stress - rate relation is given by: τ = τo + ηύ where τ is the shear stress

τo is the yield stress

η is the apparent viscosity

ύ is the shear rate ]

In fluent [Define > Materials> Viscosity> Herschel Bulkey] the input parameters for the apparent viscosity involves the following defination:

η = (τo + K [ ύ " (τo/ o)])/ ύ where k is the consistency factor

o is the yielding viscosity

As you can see it is a function of the shear rate. However I want to have a constant value for my apparent viscosity.

How can I do it?

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