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NK January 22, 2009 10:25

Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit

I've heard that Fluent will be integrated into the next release of Ansys Workbench due end of March this year and that they will most likely get rid of Gambit.

Does anyone have experience using the geometry creation and meshing tools in Workbench?


zongtwi January 22, 2009 22:26

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit
In Workbench, geometry creation using DesignModeler and meshing using CFX-Mesh or ICEM CFD.

Current release ANSYS 11 SP1, you can already use DesignModeler, CFX-Mesh and ICEM CFD to directly create geometries and mesh for FLUENT.

NK January 23, 2009 06:23

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit

Are you saying that Fluent can import mesh/case files which have been created in Workbench/CFX mesh?


zongtwi January 23, 2009 10:24

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit
Yes, that's correct.

NK January 23, 2009 11:37

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit
Hello again,

Would you recommend investing in Ansys workbench then? I only have experience in Fluent and Gambit at the moment but I think Workbench is the future.

Will the exported file from Workbench/CFX-mesh be a standard .msh file which can be imported into Fluent?


zongtwi January 25, 2009 22:46

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit
There are many other good capabilities in ANSYS Workbench, such as optimisation using DesignXplorer (DX), and fluid structure interaction (FSI), coupling CFD with FEA. All these capabilities have been streamlined and optimised with CFX, as CFX has been with ANSYS for a few years now. Most of these capabilities have now been extended to work with FLUENT as well in 12.0, but for FSI, it will still only be one directional FSI between FLUENT and ANSYS (CFX/ANSYS coupling supports 2-way FSI).

I would recommend investing in Workbench, as it is much easier to use etc (btw, this is not a plug/advert for ANSYS. I'm just sharing my thoughts with you!). I even know a few companies who have FLUENT license but with ANSYS CAD2Mesh with DesignModeler, which is basically the CFX Pre-processor on workbench.

My 2 cents.

NK January 26, 2009 04:54

Re: Ansys Workbench, Fluent and Gambit
Thanks Zongtwi for clearing up the issue.

I have contacted Ansys for some quotes on the software. The training is also very expensive provided by Ansys unfortunately which is why I'm a bit hesitant.

I will look into it further,

Appreciate your help

Best Wishes,


pedrin84 June 4, 2011 14:07

Hi, I'm working with Ansys Workbench 12.0 design modeler, building geometries there. But I need to export these geometries to Gambit 2.4.6 for the meshing y to make a multiblock grid and then export the mesh to ansys fluent 12.0. is this possible?. can I to install Ansys gambit 2.4.6 with the ANSYS 12.0 12.0 together?.

Trev June 6, 2011 12:12

If you plan on using Gambit you are going to have to import your geometry via the CAD importer and would say that an .iges import is probably your best bet. To my knowledge Gambit is no longer supported as Ansys is getting everyone to migrate to design modeller and do meshing through workbench. So basically there is no native file support so you are stuck with .iges import in Gambit which in my experience is never much fun.

Once you have the mesh done in Gambit though it will export to Fluent 12 without any problems.

Yes, both Ansys 12 and Gambit can be installed on the same machine together although you will need some x-windows program to get gambit running if under a windows OS.

On a side note if you are doing BL meshing for a decent y+ I would highly advise using something else apart from Gambit if you are able to. I don't want to get into the merits of various meshing programs but I switched from Gambit to Gridgen/Pointwise after several years just because it is unable to reliably do the majority of things I need it to.


pedrin84 June 6, 2011 17:15

Thanks you very much. Greetingsˇˇ

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