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amar February 3, 2009 04:41

conjugate heat transfer

I have two materials A and B each material has a thickness the computational domain is like a box and material A placed on the bottom face of the domain and material B placed on the upper face of the material A and there is an air flow from the left face of the domain to the right face of the domain over the two materials and there is a heat transfer between the air and the material A across the material B (Note: the width of the two materials is equal to the width of computational domain)

May questions are:

1- after I draw the two materials inside and on the bottom of the domain as I mentioned, do I have to split the two materials from the domain or subtract or what must I do?

2- Do I have to mesh all faces of the domain, Material A and material B?

3- Do I have to mesh the volumes of the domain, material A, material B

4- Do I have to define each volume in the zones Type in Gambit?

5- How to define the heat conduction between material A and B in fluent?

6- Do you know any book or website or any thing that has details and solved examples simmilar to mine?

I'm looking forward for your reply yours Thanks alot

ashwani kumar February 11, 2009 10:04

Re: conjugate heat transfer
define everything as usual in gambit, after that

define the interface between two solids as a wall in gambit. while u export it to fluent it will create shadow on each side of wall, and it will couple it, u have to only define the material on the coupled faces. other things like heat transfer or temperature fluent will calculate.

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