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Leverkin February 3, 2009 05:36

Store Array elements in cell values
Hello dear people.

I am simulating a surface reaction within a CVD reactor. I have defined the surface reaction rate with a UDF. The pre-expotantinal factor in the reaction rate is deifferent in each cell of the surface.

I have calculated the pre-expotantinal factor from a home made code and i want to impose it in my UDF. For example:

I have computed an array PRE_EXP[i] in my homemade code and in the expresion of the UDF I want to have something lke this


but i want the PRE_EXP[i] in each cell.

meaning something like this: PRE_EXP(cell,thread) = PRE_EXP[i]

Any ideas? Using UDS can solve my problem?

Thanks in advance.

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