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richard February 6, 2009 23:10

wind tunnel and simulation results different
Dear all

I simulated the flow over some buildings using an unsteady k epsilon realizable model. I also compare with a wind tunnel results. I find that the velocity values close to the building match well, but in the far stream values the velocity decreases but then slowly rise and then stay constant. But in the wind tunnel they slowly decay to a much lower value

I set a pressure outlet assuming fully developed flow . Any suggestions ?


taimoor February 14, 2009 17:05

Re: wind tunnel and simulation results different
what values of pressure and temp do u gave in pressure outlet

sheikh nasir February 14, 2012 09:06

train moving in tunnel help
i am working on train moving in tunnel , i am getting floating point error: invalid number. can any body help me. my email is
plz help me

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