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mashad February 10, 2009 14:53

hi please please please..... is there any one know about backflow intnsity in pressure outlet BC in cyclone ? and why the mount of mass flow rate in report flux isnot zero(0)?

zongtwi February 10, 2009 21:11

Do you mean the backflow turbulent intensity? I think you can safely assume the value to be similar to the turbulent intensity close to the pressure outlet in your domain. For closed systems, the flow coming back in, more often then not originates from the flow going out. Try to use those values and see if your results are OK.

Can you explain more about the mass flow rate report flux? How did you calculate it, and what non-zero value did it give? More details, otherwise it is hard to give advice.

mashad February 11, 2009 16:45

hi In multi phases u can check the total mass flow rate for each phase. Report>fluxes>… And retain the default selection of Mass Flow Rate from the Options list. Select out… and inlet… from the Boundaries selection list. Click Compute. Note that the net mass flow rate is almost zero, indicating that total mass is conserved. . . . i don't understand your explaination about backflow turbulent intensity,pelese explain more againe. do you have thesis about cyclone+simolation+fluent?

mashad February 14, 2009 04:27

please any one answer mi?

how dose calculate the backflow turbulent intensity?

and any one give mi theses about cyclone+simolation+fluent?

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