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Thomas February 11, 2009 17:02

/ in Gambit don't work

I have a very long command line (~around 10000 characters) to stitch a volume. Whenever Gambit read it, I get a error 500 which apparently a syntax error. I tried to use / between 2 faces and it can't fix it. When I run my journal-file in the Edit Box without the /, it's work perfectly. But I have to run the journal-file in batch-mode.

Any Ideas?

P.S.: I'm running Gambit 2.3.16

Thomas February 12, 2009 04:16

Re: / in Gambit don't work
Just an example:

volume create "volume.1" stitch "face.1" "face.2" "face.3"/"face.4" "face.5"

I thinkit's more explicit.

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