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farne February 16, 2009 07:22

liquid-gas free surface and VOF
Hi all,

I want to simulate a box filled water and air motion above it in 2d. left wall of the box is hot, right wall is cold. I wolud like to investigate streamlines, isotherms and heat transfer coefficient in different air temperatures and different aspect ration.

But, I have no idea, how can i model in gambit. image of model is above.

right, left and bootom walls of box are ok. but, for other walls, i have been try alot of BC but, nothing nothing nothing.

can you say, how can I draw the problem in gambit, how can I define phases and free surface. which model is nessesery in fluent. can I use "open channel flow" model.

please help me.

thanks in advance

farne February 18, 2009 20:13

Re: liquid-gas free surface and VOF
please help!!!

Ameya Durve February 19, 2009 02:49

Re: liquid-gas free surface and VOF
Even i am simulating box filled with water and motion of the air above and conditions required for entrapment of air in water.

What i do is I simply draw a rectangular face in gambit and export a 2d mesh. BC's are simply "walls " and "fluid". I define phases in fluent. interface is created by patching appropriate volume fractions of water and air. (The patching has to be done in fluent). Hot and cold walls can be deifined by changing wall BC in fluent.

To be frank I don't see the problem to be that critical. May be if you can be more specific as to where you are stuck, I can try to help you in a better way.

Regards Ameya

farne February 19, 2009 17:19

Re: liquid-gas free surface and VOF
thanks. i draw a rectangular face and define phases in gambit. in fluent, initalize and patch are done. after iteration, solution converged. this is good. but, I have to use boussinesq approximation for water and air. I think, boussinesq aproximation can use for only a phase in vof model. what can I do for this problem??


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