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nycera February 17, 2009 06:47

modify animation view
Hi, I've been trying to store an animation of my solution. I got the .hmf files stored, as well as the .cxa but when I go for the playback I don't get the view I need. So I try to modify it dragging the view with the mouse but I can't do it. I get a message on console:

"Warning! Can not process selection on one graphics window while another is locked"

Anyone got a clue?

nycera February 17, 2009 07:09

Re: modify animation view
I might have figured it out. The view. The thing is I set up a vector display animation, but I got a grid motion display animation. I don't know why. I'm gonna give it another try just to ensure myself I didn't do mistakes.

Ralf Schmidt February 25, 2009 11:14

Re: modify animation view

just one commend: creating animations in fluent is not so easy. I had a lot of trouble, setting the right view or maintaining the right min/max values for the colormap.

It seems to be, that there are a number of bugs in the menue... For me, it turnes out to restart the fluent process to reset some settings i made and that could not be undone.

Best wishes


nycera February 25, 2009 15:45

Re: modify animation view
Tanks. If I didn't manage to create a video animation in fluent, I'll just record the desktop while running. :D

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