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Matthew February 17, 2009 10:19

CD too high
i am completing an analysis of a 2D aerofoil in Fluent, i have checked all my reference values and BC values such that the operating conditions are those found at a speed of 0.53 Mach at 20,000ft. i am using the k-epsilon viscous solver and the CL values calculated correlate well with documented data at around 0.6, however the CD values are in the region of 3*10^-2 which seems an order of magnitude too high??? especially when i compare it to other CFD runs i have done in other packages. my supervisor seems to think its something to do with the turbulent length scale, but im not sure what to do. any ideas??


Shivakumar February 21, 2009 05:42

Re: CD too high
are u setting Cd or Cl from the first run? if so dont do that..... run without drag settin for atlaest 400 iterations and then set the cd monitoring..

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